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This low-temperature diffuser preserves the virtues of essential oils and cleans easily. The slow release of the aromas into the air avoids saturation and the risk of respiratory irritation.

Practical information: To diffuse the aromas into a 25m² by 40m² room, use the upper basin above the glass. For a 10m² to 25m² room, use the receptacle in the bottom part of the glassware or the glass bowl when placed on top of the glassware. The glass bowl, when placed on top of the glassware, slowly diffuses the aromas into a big room and also works well to heat massage oils or to melt shea butter.

Use: before placing the essential oils into one of the receptacles, place 2 or 3 drops of vegetable oil, such as almond oil (to learn more about this topic, visit the "additional information"* page by clicking on the link below) and then place 10 drops of essential oils for a 2 or 3-hour burn. For the lower receptacle, place 1 or 2 drops of vegetable oil for every 5 drops of essential oils.

Diameter: 12cm - Height: 9cm


- The diffuser and materials are processed, manufactured, and/or assembled in our facilities in the Ardèche region of France.
- The ash wood from the Rhône-Alpes region of France is selected during cuts supervised by ONF (National Forest Service).
- Cost effective, it requires only a small amount of essential oils and very little electricity (approximately 1.50€ per year if you leave it on all the time).


- Cleaning is easy since the glassware is separate from the burner. The diffusing process provides the option of placing a drop or two of vegetable oil in the receptacle before adding the essential oils, which allows you to wipe down the glass after each use.
- No noise: the oil is heated with a 5-watt bulb.
- Works well for a 10m² to 40m² room.
- The electricity is not transformed into 12 volts, so there is no need for a convertor, no risk of breaking down, no motor, and no electronics.
- It comes with a 1.4m long power cord equipped with a switch.

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