Agneau hurlant (Lamb...

Crying out is necessary to rid oneself of immediate pain, to move forward. Inspired by the Tao text, "to triumph." "If you would like to reduce something, you must first allow it to grow." Actual size: 128cm x 87cm (with a wood frame) Technique:...



This is not a narcissistic affirmation, but an affirmation to the world. Inspired by the Tao text, "to triumph." "The soft triumphs over the hard, the slow triumphs over the hasty. Your methods should remain a mystery. Reveal only the results."...


Forgotten farm

The wheelbarrow hints that there is still work to be done. This farm lives on as a permanent fixture in my memory. The ducks clearly appreciate the farm's calm tranquility. Actual size: 38cm X 61cm Technique: watercolor



A chicken along the wall eating bread crumbs… A French nursery rhyme for these domesticated hens. The chicken coop has always enjoyed citizen's rights in Alsace. Actual size: 40cm X 73cm Technique: watercolor



That sublime indescribable light created by clouds drifting in the wind; houses nestled in the coastal grasslands take shelter from the waves. Actual size: 50cm X 70cm Technique: oil painting