Pauline Mathilde NATAF

Pauline Mathilde Nataf was born in Paris on March 12, 1988. Her passion for arts and letters allows her to view the world in its full splendor. She studied applied arts to be able to create works as vivid as her imagination. Her formal education includes drawing, an indispensable skill in her quest to convey truth and freedom through her works. "My technique varies since I want all shapes and forms to have as much meaning as the content. Certain subjects require a raw surface, while others a more delicate one. Sometimes the difference between the two (subject / plastic techniques used) allow me to express a more powerful posture." In 2017, her works were shown by Gavart Gallery in the eighth district of Paris.

"Pauline Mathilde NATAF is a complete, multi-disciplinary artist that will continue to surprise us for years to come."

Emmanuel Duchemin, Nostromo Production

Agneau hurlant (Lamb...

Crying out is necessary to rid oneself of immediate pain, to move forward. Inspired by the Tao text, "to triumph." "If you would like to reduce something, you must first allow it to grow." Actual size: 128cm x 87cm (with a wood frame) Technique:...



This is not a narcissistic affirmation, but an affirmation to the world. Inspired by the Tao text, "to triumph." "The soft triumphs over the hard, the slow triumphs over the hasty. Your methods should remain a mystery. Reveal only the results."...