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A warm subtle fragrance with sweet, smoked, and spicy undertones. Relax, close your eyes, and just imagine that you are lying by the fireplace with a book in hand, and as a base note, a beautiful woman nestled by your side.

Wax melt cubes offer an extraordinary olfactory experience when heated or when simply slipped into an armoire, a pack, or even a garbage can. They eliminate unwanted odors in just a few minutes and have extremely long burn times: one hundred hours or more.

Cold: slip them into your armoires, closets, packs, and garbage cans; they provide a pleasant scent to enclosed spaces.

Heated: using a wax warmer, the scent will subtlety and elegantly spread throughout the interior while quickly eliminating bad odors.

High-quality product.
Organic soy wax that is GMO and pesticide free. No carcinogens or phthalates in the fragrance.
40-gram scented wax bar (13cm x 2.8cm) wrapped in Kraft Natural Recycled Paper.

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