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The spicy fragrance of mulled wine. Experience the historic Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, where the cinnamon scent mixes unreservedly with citrus peel and juicy apple.

Wax melt cubes offer an extraordinary olfactory experience when heated or when simply slipped into an armoire, a pack, or even a garbage can. They eliminate unwanted odors in just a few minutes and have extremely long burn times: one hundred hours or more.

Cold: slip them into your armoires, closets, packs, and garbage cans; they provide a pleasant scent to enclosed spaces.

Heated: using a wax warmer, the scent will subtlety and elegantly spread throughout the interior while quickly eliminating bad odors.

High-quality product.
Organic soy wax that is GMO and pesticide free. No carcinogens or phthalates in the fragrance.
120-gram scented wax tablet (16cm x 8.2cm) wrapped in Kraft Natural Recycled Paper.

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