Born in Alsace, France, in 1957, artist Martine LAFORCE focuses her works on values rather than colors and shows us that the dark allows the light to exist. Her watercolors evoke the smell of aged wood or even the refreshing feeling of a lone stone heated by a single ray of sun. 

"The balance, the lighting, and the incredible finesse with one pencil stroke characterize the works of Martine Laforce."

Presse Océan newspaper.

"Here paintings, light and heartwarming, bring everything into focus for the photographer, represent the ingenious line for the architect and detailed documentation for the historian, while the poet sits on a lone branch, rocked back and forth by clarity. Her works radiate warmth." 

Ami Hebdo Journal

Forgotten farm

The wheelbarrow hints that there is still work to be done. This farm lives on as a permanent fixture in my memory. The ducks clearly appreciate the farm's calm tranquility. Actual size: 38cm X 61cm Technique: watercolor



A chicken along the wall eating bread crumbs… A French nursery rhyme for these domesticated hens. The chicken coop has always enjoyed citizen's rights in Alsace. Actual size: 40cm X 73cm Technique: watercolor