In our desire to share the beauty and quality of French products, La Felle offers a wide range of products that embody the authenticity and know-how that form our country's reputation. The French art of living offers a combination of elements that take root in the history and culture of France, which represents taste, aesthetics, romanticism, a sense of detail, and extremely high standards.

We act as a direct intermediary between our partners' workshops in France and our customers in China, with the goal of creating a connection that combines reliability and performance.

Our partners

La Felle's partners have been carefully selected by our team for their high-quality goods and works manufactured exclusively in France; the result of traditional values.

The companies present on gain international digital visibility as well as considerable awareness among our Chinese customer base, and contribute to ensuring that French know-how travels around the world and while growing their business in France.

China loves France

France is a favorite destination for Chinese travelers, the result of their genuine interest in French culture. France is well-known for its monuments, values, and rich history.

This same history forged a genuine know-how and expertise recognized around the world as a synonym of quality. While China is a challenging market to reach for French manufacturers, Chinese consumers also have a hard time finding French products.

Our on-site sales teams in France and China provide us with the necessary insight and experience to connect our French artists and entrepreneurs. with this all-important market.