SOCK IN is like a love story between two travelers who want to achieve their dreams together, fighting against all odds. A bit like a dog and a ball, a platter and cheese, a fish in the water, like life and breathing!

SOCK IN on your feet means wearing a pair of stylish socks that makes you more capable, lets you to travel long distances without thinking twice, allows you walk on water, may even help you find that special someone… SOCK IN means confidence in yourself, pushing your limits; it's almost like becoming a superhero!


The Sock In seven set comes with seven socks, which means never having to worry about a missing sock. Enjoy a wide selection of colorful and flashy socks. From elegant to truly original, you will always have the right pair of socks for your...


SOCKS – LIGNE (lines)

Ligne socks are soft, with a light touch thanks to their thin khaki lines on a beige background. The toe, heel, and cuff are dark grey. These socks are made in France with a lightweight cotton blend. Care instructions: machine wash 30°C. Available...



A pair of Triangle socks, with beige, turquoise, white, and black triangle motifs, is extremely comfortable. The turquoise brings a touch of color that enhances the design's originality. These socks go just as well with your gym clothes as with...



Wave socks feature mustard-yellow waves on a black background. Comfortable, lined, and elegant, they will go with your entire wardrobe. Made in France with a thick cotton blend. Care instructions: machine wash 30°C. Available in 2 sizes: 36/41,...



A pair of Avance Rapide socks is simple and classy. With small navy-blue arrows set on a burgundy red background, these socks will go perfectly with any outfit. Made in France with a lightweight cotton blend. Care instructions: machine wash 30°C....